Over Easy Scramble

  1. Anonymous asked: Monster in a Parasol by Queens of the Stone Age. From the guy that requested Fugazi (thanks for playing that btw ;)

    awwww man! good request but Queens of the Stone Age is considered mainstream and we can’t that here on  KUCI :””( sooo sorry 

    any other requests? 


  2. Anonymous asked: Waiting Room by Fugazi

    anything for you anon ;)


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  5. oddwutang:

    best movie ever

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  6. burgerrecords:

    Aug 2 at The Observatory Orange County, it’s…
    BURGER’S ALL GIRL BAND A-GO-GO w/ Best CoastDum Dum GirlsBleachedShannon and the ClamsThe CoathangersThe MuffsPeach Kelli PopSummer TwinsColleen Greenthe aquadolls, SISU, MASSENGERDeath Valley GirlsThe FlytrapsL.A. WITCHRaw GeronimoThe Meow TwinsCheryllTashaki MiyakiTeenage Burritos, CRAZY BAND, Sex Stains, Bombon and more!!! TICKETS ON SALE FRIDAY!!! www.observatoryoc.com


  7. burgerrecords:

    out now on burger records, it’s… 幾何学模様 - KIKAGAKU MOYO (CASS) HEAVY SPACED OUT JAPANESE PSYCHEDELIA!!! ON TOUR IN THE USA RIGHT NOW ON THEIR WAY TO AUSTIN PSYCH FEST!!! DON’T MISS OUT!!! www.burgerrecords.com (at Burger Records)


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