Over Easy Scramble

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  2. christinaomens:

    SO MUCH FUUUN TONIGHT SEEING CORNERS, SANTOROS, & ADULT BOOKS. oh yeah and eating that quesadilla was fun toooo



  4. currentjoys:

    Posters for the TELE/VISIONS full band set May 22nd at Clark Lane Maul in Reno, NV. 

    *I fucked up the address. It is actually 249 Ryland

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  5. thirp:

    I don’t know why but this looks to me like I’m on an operation table receiving surgery from cats

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  6. allahlas:

    Side B of the “501-415” single


    Mikhail Sadovnikov - Artist
    Olga Afimina - Director
    Aleksei Volkov - Camera, Editor
    Robbie Simon - Editor




  9. christinaomens:

    a BIG THANK YOU to The Grinning Ghosts for joining me today! It was tons of fuuuuuun! (at KUCI 88.9 Fm)


  10. thegrinningghosts:

    Tomorrow at 12 pm we’re guest DJ’s on 88.9 FM KUCI @overeasyscramble Playing our favorite songs from @crystalantlers Wyatt Blair@undercoverbananaman @lovelybadthings @theaquadolls @rexx @bellhaunts @meltedxca @girltears_ @palmreaderoc
    and many more! Woah so many good socal bands. Call in and tell us how they’re all better than us!

    #crystalantlers #lovelybadthings #rexx #theaquadolls #girltears #wyattblair #overeasyscramble